Cell Phone Use

Cell Phones are not to be used in the dining areas of the Club including the Donald Ross Bar. All phones in these areas are to be in the off, Silent or Vibrate ring positions. When convenient, go to a discreet location and make your call if necessary.


Dress Code

 Gentlemen are required to wear a jacket while in the upstairs Dining Rooms (including the Ballroom, Fireside, Reflections and Living room). Ladies attire should be in accordance with gnerally accepted goof taste. The dress code may be relaxed for special events and will be advertised as such when scheduled. Dress style denim is permitted in the Donald Ross Grille. Otherwise, wearing tee shirts and all sports clothing other than acceptable golf attire is not permitted in any of Edgewood Country Club's dining areas. This policy applies to everyone, including children. Members are responsible to advice their guests of these policies.



 Edgewood Country Club is a non-smoking facility.