A Brief History of Edgewood Country Club

A Brief History of Edgewood Country Club

1896 – Herman Westinghouse and a group of lawyers and engineers laid out a golf course in the North Homestead area. Originally only seven or eight holes, the original golf course was located on a plot of land known as the Loomis Property. Soon after though, the founders of Edgewood were in search of a larger and more desirable plot of land.

1897 – The course was moved and the Clubhouse was built near Westinghouse's brother Herman's Union Switch property.

1898 – Edgewood Country Club is established.

1900 – Edgewood Country Club is elected to membership in the USGA.

1907 – Edgewood moves to the McKelvey farm.

1921 – E. C. Brown, an Edgewood business man conducted a meeting to authorize a $75,000 mortgage for a new Clubhouse and $30,000 for an 18-hole course.

1922 – The Club makes it's final move to its current location on Churchill Road. The 167 acres were purchased for $40,000. Donald Ross began work on designing one of his 500 world renowned golf courses. With the man power of over 3,000 men, Ross himself still spent time overseeing the construction of the course. On July 4th, 1922 the New Course opened. There were 503 members at this time, with 400 whom were active subscribers.

1924 – Edgewood consisted of 552 members, 98 of whom were women. Three short years later, 162 women were members of the WGA.

1947 – Changes began to the course. Emil Loeffer and John McGlynn were head of this project, removing many of the 128 bunkers from Ross’ design and reversing the play of the course.

1954 – First Annual Men’s Invitational played.

1959 – First Mixed Invitational played.

1961 – The loan for a new Clubhouse was approved.

1964 – On January 28th, the dining room in the new Clubhouse opened. Then on January 29th, a devastating fire broke out, completely destroying the old clubhouse. Some damage was done to the construction of the new clubhouse, however nothing catastrophic.

1985 – The Mixed Grille Patio is completed & the Men’s Grille is renovated.

1988 – The entire Clubhouse is renovated.

1994 – The Clubhouse is redesigned to today’s current look.

1998 – Edgewood celebrates its Centennial Clubhouse renovation.

2017 – Final construction of holes #10 and #18 were completed. Improvements to the course were successful in redesigning the course in the spirit of the original Donald Ross design.

2019 – The Clubhouse Ballroom was remodeled during the off season. The renovation included new carpet, paint, wallpaper, and chandeliers.